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What do I get?
The ultimate energizers resource available including 150+ pro energizers with facilitation, quotes and images, playlists and more. Included in the subscription is the best energizers search tool available! You get ideas, inspiration and tools to make your presentation or session energetic, involving and engaging. The site works with smartphones and tablets, so no matter where you are, you'll have all of our tools and energizers available.


Why should I join?
Besides the energizers and tools, we've created an effective search engine so you can save hours of searching and reading to find a suitable energizer. Free energizers are easy to find, finding the right energizer for your size audience, the time available, the type you're after, location and more is a whole different matter. Stop wasting time, stop being frustrated, make your life easier and subscribe today to find the perfect energizer in minutes.


Is this for me?
Whether you're a professional facilitator, public speaker, consultant, trainer, teacher, coach or a manager in need of boosting your audience, group or team, you've come to the right place. We present you with energizers including facilitation to inspire and help you get your point across with power! If you want to boost your performance, get a brand new toolbox and take your presentation skills to the next level, this is the site for you!


What do I do?
You simply subscribe to this site and you're ready to go. Once you've subscribed, all the features on the site will unlock and you'll be ready to take advantage of almost everything we have to offer right away*. All our subscriptions open all features. Only difference is how many licenses you pay for. If you're a company who needs more than one, we have the plan for you. Go check our membership plan and you can see what you get when subscribing.


150+ Pro Energizers

Tons of energizers, more than 100+ with facilitation.
We give you a huge variety of exercises both mental, physical and emotional. We've made sure that each energizer is aimed at professional business people in setup, content and output.

Advanced search engine

Make sure you find exactly what you're after in seconds!
We've created an effective search engine so you can select between several criteria; time, group size, location, props, type, facilitation, downloadable handouts, rating etc.

Facilitation guides

We've included hints, pointers and ideas.
These are professional energizers for use with business people. We've included facilitation guides to help you take a simple energizer and turn it into a professional tool.

Presenters toolbox

Get images, quotes and much more.
We've collected an extensive toolbox of images and quotes for use in your presentations. Engage your audience with funny, inspiring and thought provoking statements.

Energizing playlists

Need energy? Let the music take control...
Through Facebook and Spotify you gain access to several playlists to boost your presentation; Power, Set the Scene, Focus, Feel good and specific.

Easy Handouts

Save time! Download our handouts.
A lot of the energizers have materials you can download so you won't have to spend time creating your own. This is part of our tools for you! Simple, fast and engaging!

Responsive site

Take your energizers with you everywhere you go!
To ensure you get the most out of your subscription, we've designed this site to be responsive and as such works on all platform - PC's, tablets, smartphones etc.

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Get access to all the functionalities of the site.
Subscribe to unlock the advanced search engine, facilitation, images, quotes and more. Empower yourself and save priceless time today!


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