About us

our history

Energizers was founded in 2006 and is situated in Copenhagen Denmark. Energizers is dedicated to deliver professional tools for trainers, coaches, teachers, facilitators and everyone else looking to energize a crowd.

Energizers started as a company providing facilitation (live), skill based teambuilding (experiential learning/gamification) and public speaking to corporations in Denmark. In 2007 we began creating our portfolio of energizers, icebreakers, crowd-pleasers etc. as we used them in our work in the field.

In 2011 we became part of the Funky Business corporation. Funky Business create large events, product launches, implements strategy, company values etc. and is currently the sole provider of these services to Microsoft Denmark. Energizers stayed an independant unit within Funky Business, and provide our services to take these events to the next level.

Now we've decided to expand our business to the internet and provide our services world wide. Since we're almost solely working live in the field in Denmark, sharing our products, knowledge, experience and ideas with others around the globe, seemed more likely to make us better at what we do, than fuelling our competition with our competences.   

Fields of expertise


Win the crowd!
We believe that energizers is a strong tool to make your performance better and your message heard. Whether you're standing infront of a huge crowd at a conference, giving a pitch to the sales crew at your office, coaching a group or individual, energizers gives you an opportunity to break the ice, make valid points in fun easy ways, lift the spirit of the audience and most importantly - Win the crowd!


Let's get creative!
There are tons of energizers out there. A lot of them are fun but also aimed at a younger audience. We've taken these childish games and turned them into professional tools. We've sorted them out and taken the great ones and spiced them up, changed them around, reworked the mechanics and added the business approach needed to make them entertaining, but also valuable, useful, insightful and powerful!

Create dialogue

Kill the monologue!
We're firm believers in interacting with your audience. Sometimes it's better to stop talking and let the participants involve themselves. This is the site where you'll find energizers to provide entertainment as well as give everyone a chance to work with your topics in a fun, engaging way. Time management was the buzz in the 80'ies and 90'ies, today however it's about energy management!

Avoid rotten tomatoes

Make your point!
Any message has to be delievered with conviction and precision. Conviction is all about making your audience believe what you're saying. Precision is about delivering the message when your audience is ready to recieve it. We provide you with the tools to make your audience ready to recieve the actual message at the exact time you give it. You have to win the crowd to make them believe and own the path you're sending them on!