Nothing can change the energy in the room like music. Through the years we've found, that the right music makes a HUGE difference. Clearly depending on which type of task you're doing, different types of music is relevant in different circumstances. For this reason we've tried to make it easy for you to get inspiration from what we use. We've compiled more than 300 different tracks and divided them into categories for you. This should make it real easy for you to set up and build your own lists.

To get on board with the Energizers playlist, all you have to do is three easy steps.

Setting it up

1) In order to get the playlists you'll have to first become friends with us on facebook.
2) Unless you already have one, go to, download and create a Spotify account. You can get one for free (advertisement every 3 tracks).
3) When opening Spotify, under main (in the menu top left) you can press "follow". There you "Find Friends" and locate Energizers Pro. Press "follow". (note that you can't find Energizers Pro unless we've made friends on Facebook first)


Facebook friend us -> Signup for Spotify -> Follow your new Facebook friend on Spotify

Here's your guide to Spotify. There are several ways of doing it, we've put up the web based version:

spotify signup web

Note: Spotify can be a bit wonky on the search part. We've asked you to friend us on Facebook to try and make it a little easier to find us. We've found that Spotify tends to be case sensitive (though this isn't always the case), and when we search for Energizers Pro we sometimes get no result and instead have to search for Energizers P or EnergizersP - as said, a little wonky.)

The Categories

As mentioned we've divided our tracks into playlists which cover different areas. This because not all music is suitable for all types of session (clearly). If you find that we're missing a category, if you have tracks you feel should be added to certain categories, you're more than welcome to contact us and we'll see about adding those.

Set The Scene

Setting the scene is important. We believe that music when walking into a room, during breaks etc. is essential to keep the energy high throughout the day. We also use it as "filler" for those times where power or focus won't do the trick.

Get Lucky, Daft Punk & Pharrel Williams
Sweet Home Alabama, Lynyrd Skynyrd
Drive By, Train
Smooth, Santana
Play That Funky Music, Wild Cherry


Lots of energizers are based on energy, fast paced and just calls for the right music. Even if some energizers only have moments where power music is warranted, you want to control the energy of the room. This category gives you the power to empower your audience.

Trouble Is (remix), Tiësto
Personal Jesus (Pump Mix), Depeche Mode
Scream & Shout (Dirty/Main), & Britney Spears
The Power, Snap
Get Ready For This, 2 Unlimited


These tracks are for those moments where your group is working on a task which requires focus and concentration. These tracks are easy listening without losing pulse. When you require your participants to do work in groups, quietly brainstorm etc. these are the tracks you're after.

Trouble Is (remix), Tiësto
Personal Jesus (Pump Mix), Depeche Mode
Scream & Shout (Dirty/Main), & Britney Spears
The Power, Snap
Get Ready For This, 2 Unlimited

Feel Good

When you want your group to be inspired, think happy thoughts, be optimistic etc. this is the playlist for those sessions. All tracks are selected carefully by their lyrics or upbeat tempo, the message they're sending and so on. If you're having a bad day, put this playlist on and feel things change.

On Top Of The World, Imagine Dragons
Coming Around Again, Simon Webbe
Happy, Pharrel Williams
Shiny Happy People, R.E.M.
Weather With You, Crowded House