• The Strip

    The Strip

    By handing out cut up comic strips at random, your group will try and locate the other group members carrying...

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  • Speed Dating

    Speed Dating

    You get your group to fill out an analogue clock with time from noon to midnight. They scatter among the...

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  • Sell! Sell! Sell!

    Sell! Sell! Sell!

    Split people into teams of 2-3 people. Give them an object of little value. A paper clip can do. Have...

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  • Count Me In

    Count Me In

    When you have a large group and wish to divide them into smaller teams, here’s a fast and simple way...

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  • Predict-ionary


    This is a both an individual and team task. It starts as an individual task, arranging specific letters from a...

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  • Bridge Trouble

    Bridge Trouble

    4 people have to cross a bridge. The bridge is about to collapse, and within a set time, all 4...

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  • My Personal Fan Group

    My Personal Fan Group

    The group will play rock, paper, scissors against other participants. When they win, that person will become part of their...

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  • What You See Is What You Get

    What You See Is What You Get

    To show that what we don’t look for we rarely see....

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  • Things That Makes You Go Boom!

    Things That Makes You Go Boom!

    SUMMARY: The group will sit in a circle and count from 1 to 70, exchanging every number which involves the...

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  • Seek and Hide

    Seek and Hide

    One person go hide. The rest of the group split up and try to locate that person. When someone does,...

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  • Re-Act


    Have everyone write down a scene involving an emotion. Split the group into teams. Have a random person has to...

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  • Quick Draw

    Quick Draw

    You position your group in a circle with you in the middle. You’ll be the sheriff in a town of...

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  • The Helium Stick

    The Helium Stick

    This is a teambuilding exercise which requires a lot of communication. You place a rod on the index fingers of...

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  • Ping Pong

    Ping Pong

    With this energizer you’ll team people up at random. You’ll throw ping pong balls into the room and have people...

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  • Guess Who!?

    Guess Who!?

    By attaching post-it notes on the back of people, and instructing them to figure out which famous person they represent,...

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  • Get Organized

    Get Organized

    You’ll make post-it notes with titles which you stick on the back of your groups members. They now have to...

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  • Atoms and Molecules

    Atoms and Molecules

    By turning people in the group into atoms and heating them up, you’ll have the group running around in the...

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  • Moral Dilemma

    Moral Dilemma

    Challenge your group on personal issues in a safe and secure environment. This is an exercise where you'll find safety...

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  • Bigger Better Faster More

    Bigger Better Faster More

    This is a sales based activity where trading, negotiating and convincing the buyer to exchange products in a competition to...

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  • Pick Your Pole

    Pick Your Pole

    You'll split your team into groups and have them create a totem with animals who represent who they are, what...

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  • It’s a Frog!

    It’s a Frog!

    You’ll place the group in a circle, pass an object to the person next to you, tell him or her...

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  • WWW What?

    WWW What?

    You split the group into teams and have them develop and create a homepage or website that sells the team...

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  • What’s Your Game?

    What’s Your Game?

    The group will be split into teams of 3 – 5 people who will develop a board game (based on...

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  • Optimize!


    Split your group into teams of 6-10 people. Hand them a ball and ask them to pass the ball around...

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  • A Numbers Game

    A Numbers Game

    You’ll fill out the Power Point quiz with your own questions related to the topic, and have a small quiz...

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  • Traffic Control

    Traffic Control

    This will get the energy up in the room if people have been sitting too long. It’s a very elemental...

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  • Out Of Time

    Out Of Time

    Split the group into teams of 4 – 7 and give each team a feather. Tell them that this is...

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  • In Case of Emergency

    In Case of Emergency

    You’ll give the group a small mindbender and have them solve it as best as they can. Split the group...

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  • Like My Style

    Like My Style

    You’ll hand out a “like” / ”dislike” paper to everyone and instruct them to use it to symbolize if they...

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  • Bookworm Battle

    Bookworm Battle

    Split the group into teams of 4. Then give a mindbender to everyone and have them work out the solution....

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  • Box Stacking

    Box Stacking

    You will introduce a small mind game which will force people to focus and work as a team to complete....

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  • Minutes of Madness

    Minutes of Madness

    You’ll hand out a sheet with questions, set a timer and have everyone answer the questions to the best of...

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  • Desperate Detective

    Desperate Detective

    You’ll select a person to the detective and send him or her out of the room. You’ll then pick a...

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  • Neverland


    You’ll ask the group to stand in a circle holding up 5 fingers. You’ll then take turns asking the participants...

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  • When in Rome

    When in Rome

    Place a roman numeral on display and have the group think on how to change that into a number. This...

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  • My Mouse Named Cheesy

    My Mouse Named Cheesy

    Introduce your pet mouse Cheesy who you’ve trained on his scooter, and have him run under the feet of the...

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  • Sixth Sense

    Sixth Sense

    This is a little mindbender which proves that we can prime the mind to think of certain things, and show...

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  • Experience Combined

    Experience Combined

    By adding up all the years each person has been in the company, you’ll illustrate clearly just how much experience...

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  • Mind Reading

    Mind Reading

    You’ll give a few instructions which the group will follow. A bit of math which isn’t hard in any way,...

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  • In My Sparetime…

    In My Sparetime…

    Instead of the usual "My name is" introductions, you’ll have the group think up funny, weird, crazy and outrageous spare...

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  • Red or Black?

    Red or Black?

    7 rounds of Red & Black are played out. In each round, picking the right combination awards points to both...

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  • Hand Signals

    Hand Signals

    Each participant will draw their hand, and add a skill they have to each finger. With a team mate they’ll...

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  • Private Investigations

    Private Investigations

    The group will attempt to solve a case where it isn’t so evident what actually happened. They’ll have to think...

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  • Simply the Best

    Simply the Best

    You’ll get your group to think about, just for a moment, what the best thing was, that happened over the...

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  • Pass the Word

    Pass the Word

    With a sentence cut into words and written on paper, you’ll curl them up and throw them to the crowd....

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  • Connect the Dots

    Connect the Dots

    You’ll hand out a sheet of paper with this mindbender on it and have people try to solve it as...

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  • Assassins and Agents

    Assassins and Agents

    Place everyone from the group in a pre-defined area. A room or an open space with markings to show where...

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  • Poke Poker

    Poke Poker

    At the start of the day you’ll instruct people that they’ll get poker cards when they willingly answer questions asked...

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  • Quiz Time

    Quiz Time

    You’ll split the group into 2 teams and have them write questions and answers on blank cards. Then quiz the...

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  • Team Curriculum Vitae

    Team Curriculum Vitae

    You’ll split your group into teams of 4 - 5 people and have them write up a CV based on...

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  • Entangled


    With a piece of rope tied together, you’ll have two teams. One team is entangled in the rope and while...

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  • String Fling

    String Fling

    Place the group in a circle on chairs. Have a ball of yarn or string and have everyone get the...

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  • Brain vs. Foot

    Brain vs. Foot

    You’ll instruct the group to sit comfortably and lift their right foot off the ground. They’ll circle it clockwise and...

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  • Name Roulette

    Name Roulette

    In this exercise the group will meet and greet and take on the other persons name and possibly more. They’ll...

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  • Another One Rides The Bus

    Another One Rides The Bus

    You’ll position the group in a circle and have them switch places, all crossing the same spot in the middle...

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  • Work Hard Play Hard

    Work Hard Play Hard

    For this exercise you split the group into teams. You’ll hand out sheets (subscribers can download them here at the...

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  • The Last Straw

    The Last Straw

    You split the group into teams and hand out straws they can use to build the tallest structure possible within...

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  • Stand By Me

    Stand By Me

    You split the group into teams and have them create an exhibition stand where they’ll “sell” the message of the...

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  • Pick Up The Pieces

    Pick Up The Pieces

    You’ll split the group into teams and have them compete to finish a kids jigsaw puzzle before their opponents. They’ll...

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  • Objection!


    This energizer is about finding an object which represents the person according to how he or she sees him or...

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  • Words Of Wisdom

    Words Of Wisdom

    With this exercise you’ll be reading words out loud, and have everyone write down the the thoughts they get, when...

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  • Session Success!

    Session Success!

    This is a game where teams compete against each other, in the attempt to find the best key learning points...

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  • In Us We Trust

    In Us We Trust

    You split the group into teams of 8-9 people. Have one person blindfolded in the middle and the rest in...

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  • Guess What!?

    Guess What!?

    You split your group into teams. Have them write up slogans and exchange them with the other teams. They have...

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  • Human Construction

    Human Construction

    You’ll split the group into pairs and have them create, with their bodies, objects that you call out. Once that’s...

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  • Who Wants To Be A…

    Who Wants To Be A…

    You’ll put a million dollar on the line to the person who can come up with the best idea or...

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  • From The Horse’s Mouth

    From The Horse’s Mouth

    After reading a mindbender out loud, you’ll have each person come up with what they believe is the correct answer....

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  • Hive Mentality

    Hive Mentality

    You’ll hand out a piece of paper to the group. The papers have different topics, and the exercise is simply...

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  • Jump!


    You split the group into teams of 7-8 people. You then challenge them to only touch the ground with 8...

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  • The Key Is…

    The Key Is…

    In this exercise you’ll present the group with the task of writing out the layout of a keyboard (pc) from...

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  • Due North

    Due North

    Have people close their eyes, then ask them to point due north. Fingers will be pointing in every direction proving...

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  • Finished Files

    Finished Files

    You’ll display a sentence on a slide in which everyone gets a few seconds to find all the letters “F”....

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  • Word Feud

    Word Feud

    You’ll make a relay competition with a pen as a baton. The teams will compete to make the best sentence...

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  • Mix and Match

    Mix and Match

    By splitting the group into teams with things in common, you quickly manage not only to make teams but teams...

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  • Wrapped Around My Finger

    Wrapped Around My Finger

    You have people picking a string of yarn out of a ball, this will determine how long that person has...

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  • Toys “R” You

    Toys “R” You

    What you do is hand out building materials. You can use LEGO bricks, clay or other, and make everyone, either...

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  • Who Do You Think You Are?

    Who Do You Think You Are?

    Before this energizer you’ll have to do a few short interviews about peoples past. You’ll have to find out i.e....

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  • Voice Noise

    Voice Noise

    You hand out paper slips at random with a combination of two different sounds. The slip could read a cow...

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  • Triangulators


    Place everyone from the group in a pre-defined area. A room or an open space with markings to show where...

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  • Toss It

    Toss It

    Place the group in a circle and have something you can toss between the group members. Explain that now everyone...

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  • The Wave

    The Wave

    Position your group in two rows facing each other. Have them hold out their hands so they barely touch. Have...

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  • The Sculptor

    The Sculptor

    The group is paired up, and one will be the sculptor and the other the model. The sculptor will change...

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  • The Hot Spot

    The Hot Spot

    Designate a hot spot in the room and explain to the group that the closer you’re standing to the hot...

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  • Someone Like You

    Someone Like You

    Standing in a circle you start out by matching something between you and someone else. You call it out, "brown...

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  • Showdown


    Split the group into pairs and have them stand across from each other. They’ll clap their hands together when you...

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  • Shake!


    Get people out of their chairs and instruct them in shaking their hands, feet and body. This is a pure...

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  • Reversed Limbo

    Reversed Limbo

    The group is split into teams of 4 people. Each team get a paper bag and a pair of scissors....

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  • Punctuality Poker

    Punctuality Poker

    By handing out a playing card after every break to those who’re back and ready on time, you’ll create a...

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  • Poke Poke!

    Poke Poke!

    Split your group into pairs and have them face each other. One person extends his or her hand as if...

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  • Picture Perfect

    Picture Perfect

    SUMMARY: You take a number of photos equal to the number of teams you want. Cut them into puzzle pieces...

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  • Paparazzi!


    Divide your group into teams of 3-4 people. Make sure they all have a way to capture images (smartphone, camera...

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  • One Small Step for Man

    One Small Step for Man

    Divide the group into pairs and position them in front of each other with ...

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  • Office Massage

    Office Massage

    Have your group face one direction, place their hands on the shoulders on the person in front of them and...

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  • Love Thy Neighbor

    Love Thy Neighbor

    You position people in a circle and ask a question (by name) to a person. That person then name his...

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  • Leading The Blind

    Leading The Blind

    This is a trust based team building activity. The “Manager” steers his and her colleagues through a small course of...

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  • Sit In My Lap!

    Sit In My Lap!

    This energizer is pretty well known. Everyone in the group stands in a circle, then have to sit in the...

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  • Knights, Giants and Wizards

    Knights, Giants and Wizards

    Taking the roles of giants, wizards and knights the group will battle out a more physical version of rock, paper,...

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  • I Can Do That!

    I Can Do That!

    With this energizer the group get to know each other in a different way. Using a sheet provided by you,...

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  • Hut Hut Hike!

    Hut Hut Hike!

    This is a very cool energizer. It's also a teambuilding and game exercise if you make it so. It focuses...

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  • Habits


    Ask people to cross their arms. Then ask them to unfold them again. Then have them fold them again only...

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  • Get In Line

    Get In Line

    Divide your group into teams of 6-8 people and ask them to arrange the order they stand in line after...

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  • Facial Aerobics

    Facial Aerobics

    Pair the group up and have them stand in front of each other. Now one person is the instructor, and...

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  • Eggcentric


    The contestants will drop an egg from 16 ft. and catch the egg in their homemade egg saving construction made...

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  • Don’t Hang Up

    Don’t Hang Up

    See how well a message is delivered when it has to pass through several people before it reaches the recipient....

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  • Darwinism


    In this energizer we will talk about evolving. This is done by introducing different stages of Darwins theory. This means...

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  • Complete The Sheet

    Complete The Sheet

    this is a small Energizer and a game which requires that the participants help each other while competing against each...

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  • Classroom Chaos

    Classroom Chaos

    Before the session start, arrange the chairs in the room so they’re setup in a traditional school setting. However, have...

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  • Category 5 Good Morning

    Category 5 Good Morning

    Display the difference between just giving a category 1 good morning and a category 5 good morning. Then have people...

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  • Beach Party!

    Beach Party!

    On a beach ball you’ve written out a lot of questions related to getting to know each other. You’ll throw...

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  • Autograph Bingo

    Autograph Bingo

    Using bingo as the driver, everyone will try and be the first to get 5 in a row on their...

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  • Airborne


    Have your group split into teams of 6-8 people. Have them inflate a balloon each. Ask them to make a...

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  • 3, 2, 1

    3, 2, 1

    Split your group into pairs and have them standing in front of each other. Have them count to three taking...

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  • You Did What???

    You Did What???

    Divide the teams and separate them in the room. Pass out paper and pen and have everyone write down something...

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  • X / Y

    X / Y

    In 4–6 teams of 1-3 persons, several rounds of X & Y are played out. In each round the team...

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  • What Are The Odds?

    What Are The Odds?

    Have people write down on a piece of paper, the odds in percentage of someone in the room having their...

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  • Unlikely Combinations

    Unlikely Combinations

    In teams of 3-5 people they’re asked to find new ways to solve a problem, combining their hobby or interest...

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  • Together We Are Unique

    Together We Are Unique

    The group is split into teams of 4-6 people. First they’ll find the things that the team has in common....

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  • The Trailer

    The Trailer

    People team up in pairs, and in one minute, describe their life from birth to present day. ...

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  • The Interview

    The Interview

    Let people pair up with the person in the room they know least about. Have them interview each other for...

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  • That Mans Father…

    That Mans Father…

    You give the group a small puzzle to solve. The group will get a set amount of time to complete...

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  • Sugar Secrets

    Sugar Secrets

    Mix candy in different colors in a bowl and have each participant get 5 pieces in various colors. Each color...

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  • Stranded


    Stranded on an island the participants can bring one item with them from their suitcase. In turn they present the...

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  • Snow Day

    Snow Day

    Have your group write up questions regarding the topic at hand. They make them into snowballs and have a snowball...

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  • Seeker of the Truth

    Seeker of the Truth

    You position your group in a circle, have them think of two facts and a lie about themselves. They take...

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  • Reversed Brainstorm

    Reversed Brainstorm

    You divide people into groups and have each person take the role of the company’s competitor. They’ll draw their role...

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  • Post It

    Post It

    Divide everyone into groups. Reveal the topic at hand. Have everyone write down 5+ thoughts on the topic. Have them...

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  • Negotiators


    Have your group pair up. Equip them with a recorder (smartphone will do) and have them “sell” a product, idea,...

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  • Minute Mate

    Minute Mate

    Have people talk in pairs for 1 minute about their morning, about a project or a specific topic. Time them...

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  • Medusa


    Have people stand in a circle. Tell them to look down on the floor and pick someone to gaze upon....

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  • Last Man Standing

    Last Man Standing

    Have people standing in a circle facing each other. Using different words at different gestures the words have to travel...

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  • Key Learning Points

    Key Learning Points

    Have your group write up what they found to be the most important and valuable on four different pieces of...

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  • Instructions


    Distribute the handout ready for download at this site. Have the group complete the tasks on the handout and see...

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  • Home Run Trivia

    Home Run Trivia

    An icebreaker which is centered around baseball and contains personal facts of varying difficulty. The goal of this game is...

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  • Hand Reading

    Hand Reading

    Using your hand you give five inputs. Each input is represented by the fingers on your hand. Thumbs up. Pointing....

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  • Flagged


    Each person draw a flag to represent who they are. Using images they describe themselves and hold the flag high,...

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  • Finish what I started

    Finish what I started

    This energizer is to get people talking with each other. It can either concern personal things or business related things....

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  • Final Countdown

    Final Countdown

    This exercise is all about concentration, being able to sense when there’s room for each individual to chip in and...

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  • Draw it Out

    Draw it Out

    The goal is for pairs to communicate the contents of a drawing to the other, and have the partner try...

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  • Don’t Worry be Happy

    Don’t Worry be Happy

    You get people to write on a piece of paper, what they really do NOT want to experience in this...

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  • Doctor Help Me!

    Doctor Help Me!

    You’re a patient in the doctors office. The participants are the doctor(s), and they have to correctly diagnose you so...

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  • Curve Ball

    Curve Ball

    This is a very fun and cool exercise which will clearly show how our mind works when we get new...

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  • The Switch

    The Switch

    You have two rows of people facing each other. Between them is one free space. The two rows now have...

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  • Cast away

    Cast away

    The team is stranded on an island. Fortunately they had time to salvage 5 items from the ship they were...

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  • Brain Gymnastics

    Brain Gymnastics

    This is a very simple math question which is actually just a 4th grade assignment. The group(s) have to solve...

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  • Body Language

    Body Language

    You’ll pass a pair of scissors to the person next to you while stating if the scissor is crossed or...

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  • All the little Details

    All the little Details

    Being paired up, one person changes a little detail about themselves. The other has to discover what it is which...

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  • Acknowledgement Anonymous

    Acknowledgement Anonymous

    This energizer will send people home high on energy and confidence. This exercise is great to do at the end...

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  • Abracadabra


    You’ll use a magic wand to get the group to air their concerns and wishes for change and indications as...

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  • 60 Seconds

    60 Seconds

    Small exercise where people will try to get as close as possible to hit the 1 minute mark. With this...

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  • The 3rd Alternative

    The 3rd Alternative

    This energizer is typically used with sales teams, but is also usable with other groups such as entire organizations where...

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  • Expect the Best

    Expect the Best

    This is a small introduction, an energizer and an icebreaker where you as facilitator set yourself up for success. You...

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  • Sweet Revelations

    Sweet Revelations

    Quick fun way to get people to know more about each other. By handing out candy, and having a task...

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  • Simple Steps?

    Simple Steps?

    With the group in a circle, you’ll introduce steps according to numbers. Step 1 is forward, 2 is back, 3...

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