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Worth every penny

If you spend just one hour a month looking for new ways to engage your audience, find new ways to make content interesting, invent new games and methods to get your audience inspired and take ownership on the message you're trying to get across, our search engine is worth every penny!

The problem is, that while there's plenty of free energizers out there that you can search, find and use, digging around and having to read them before knowing if they're useful for you is costly, time consuming and frustrating!

Instead of looking and reading through fifty energizers or more without finding what you’re looking for (wasting precious time), here you can find the one you want in less than a minute. You can simply pick from these criteria and instantly get the 5-10 energizers which suits your needs.

Advanced search engine options:
Group size  How many people is in your group 
Time  How much time do you have for the energizer 
Type  Which type of energizer do you need? (energizer, icebreaker, teambuilding, process, reflection, game)
Location  Indoor/Outdoor
Category  Mental/Physical
Props  Are props okay or are in a situation where you have no preparation and can't aquire 
Facilitation  If you want energizers with facilitation for more profesional use 
Rating  When you want to see the best rated energizers 

Save hours of searching for energizers by subscribing to With this site you’ll get full access to our advanced search engine which allows you to pinpoint exactly what it is you’re after.

A professional facilitator in your pocket

This powerful site helps you prepare the best possible program, the most engaging activities and the provides you with facilitation to help you make an impact in an instant. This site combined with the advanced search engine is like having an inspiring, creative colleague right by your side.

We've build so that you can search, find and execute our energizers in just 5 minutes. With this tool, you could plan an exciting, inspiring and engaging afternoon during your lunch break. The site is 100% responsive and as such works with tablets and smartphones.

Have you ever found yourself at a session where you need to fill out 30 minutes with something interesting?
Did you ever experience suddenly needing to boost your group to get the energy up?
Have you tried running a session, and realized that it would be great to end the session on a high?
When was the last time you were put in charge of a group on short notice and had to invent a program?
Did you ever prepare a program and then suddenly circumstances changed?
Ever tried having only half the group showing up (or twice as many) messing up the plan?

It's simple! Login, set the criterias, search and select the right activity or exercise for you and your group.

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