We've collected, refined, tweaked and tuned more than 100 energizers so they're ready for professional use. Whether you're a public speaker wanting to get your audience out of their seats and active, a manager in need of making the weekly meetings more engaging, a coach who wants to be more inspiring, a teacher or consultant who whishes to make a stronger impact, provides you with the tools to reach your goal!

While we're completely aware that there are tons of energizers out there, readily available on the internet, the energizers you'll find as a Pro Subscriber, are all aimed at an adult audience, all contains serious angles, content and ways, to elevate and emphasize on the messages and points you want to get across.

We're certain you'll find all you need to entertain, inspire, capture and WIN THE CROWD!


Save hours of searching for energizers by subscribing to Here you'll get full access to our advanced search engine which allows you to pinpoint exactly what it is you're after. You can select from these criteria:

Group size (how many people is in your group)
Time (how much time do you have for the energizer)
Type (do you need an energizer, a game, teambuilding, something to help a process, something to reflect on or just a simple icebreaker)
Location (do you need the energizer to be specifically indoor or outdoor)
Category (do you want a physical or mental energizer)
Props (do you have time to prepare or should it be an energizer-to-go)

Instead of looking and reading through fifty energizers or more without finding what you're looking for (wasting precious time), here you can find the one you want in less than a minute. You can simply pick from these criteria and instantly get the 5-10 energizers which suits your needs.



More than 100 of our energizers has facilitation which unlocks when subscribing. The facilitation gives tips and hints to how to get even more out of your energizers. How to process it afterwards and which direction to take it (change processes, company values, strategy, management etc.). It also gives you business variations of otherwise general energizers and takes your school edition and turns it into a valuable tool for use with professionals.

As a free member you'll get the energizer itself, but as subscriber you'll be able to get much more out of the site and really make an impact. Here's an example:


As you can see there's plenty to gain from subscribing and taking full advantage of our site.


As subscriber you'll save time creating handouts for the various energizers. We've already made them for you! Download the handout you need, make the adjustments to suit your session and group and print it right out. You don't have to invent it yourself, we've already done it for you to ensure that you spend your time on what you're best at - WINNING THE CROWD!

Here's an example:













The energizer would be worthless without the handout, and you'd have to spend a great deal of time creating it yourself. As subscriber you'll just press a button, download the set, print it and be on your way (the downloads do NOT contain our logo).


We've created an extensive library with quotes and images which we find, will make great tools in your presentation toolbox. We've collected those we believe will hit the mark while all covering these areas:
Entertainment/humor - put a smile on the face of your audience
Business - it relates directly to the business world
Relevance - hit the mark with a quote and image to emphasize on your point

We've added notes to them all, to give you our point on how to use them. We've also categorized them all so you'll be able to find what you're looking for fast and easy.







With every quote we've included our thoughts and comments on how to use this with your group. We've described which pointers we would use with it to make it match the session.

We've divided them all into categories so that you can save time, and quickly find a quote and an image that targets the topics you're discussing right now!

Note: The quotes and images are not our own. The combination of the two is for you to get inspired.


We've searched the net for you and compiled a collection of motivational videos. The videos are related to personal power, ambition, fear and the will to succeed. The videos are a great way to boost your audience and give them a break from listening to monologues or doing energizers.

We've categorized the videos to make it fast and easy for you to find exactly what you're looking for.

Note: The videos are not our own production. We've simply compiled them and categorized them for you.

You can follow us on our youtube channel or simply browse them in our video section.