Knights, Giants & Wizards

To energize the group in a fun, and engaging way, involving the fundamentals of rock, paper, scissors and requires both team decisions as well as individual effort.


To show how far we as humans must be pushed, in order to get creative and find the optimal solutions. Prove that we often, if not always, only do what is required to solve a task.

It’s a Frog!

To increase concentration and focus, have a quick and fun challenge where the goal is to make sure, that you don’t mess up.

In Us We Trust

An energizer which gives the participants a sense of trust with the group. A spin on the classic “drop from a table” trust exercise.

I Can Do That!

Get to know more about people in your group in a fun interactive way. Also, a good way to brag a little about accomplishments, fun, scary, interesting or otherwise.

From the Horse’s Mouth

To see how people communicate, who gets their point across and why and to see how strongly people stand on their solution once they’ve made up their mind that it’s the right one.


Initially an icebreaker way to visually represent who you are and what you personally stand for. Later to show what the individual stands for related to business.

The Expert

To show how even the simplest of tasks leaves us disagreeing on the result. How we think we’re experts, but that our “expert knowledge” often obstruct us from seeing the actual solution.

Human Construction

An icebreaker to inspire creativity, have fun and evaluate teamwork. A great way to see who takes natural leadership, plays devil’s advocate and more.


To show how we’re creatures of habit and how hard it is for us to slip out of that habit even with small everyday tasks.


A great way to build energy, have fun, to work as a team. It also makes for great conversation about communication, observation as well as an interesting way to analyze performance.

The Final Countdown

For everyone to get a feeling for when, there’s room for each individual to chip in, and give their view. This is an exercise in timing.

Combined Experience

To visualize the combined experience, skills and knowledge in the group, and to convince everyone that no matter what they’re facing in the training session, combined there’s nothing they can’t overcome.

Expect The Best

A fun and relevant way to start any session. Have your group state their expectations for the session, and quickly figure out, how to be successful with the content your delivering.

Due North

To prove that we don’t always agree on the direction we’re going – It’s also a fun way to show, that we’re not always aware of where we are, compared to where we’re heading.

Get Organized!

An energizer to get the energy up and at the same time divide people into groups, either random or with you in control of who goes where.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

This energizer is to confront doubts, fears and eliminate some of the worries that people may have before the beginning of a conference, a seminar, a course, training or similar.

Doctor Help Me!

The idea with this energizer is, to make it clear how important it is to ask questions to uncover what is really going on.


To have a small team building exercise, promote communication, creativity and of course teamwork. This is a fun activity which you can easily turn into a competition between teams.

Don’t Hang Up

In a fun and engaging way to show how hard it is to communicate when the message must pass through several recipients and still be just somewhat accurate.

Desperate Detective

A fun and simple energizer revolving around a small detective game. The purpose of the game is solely to change the energy in the room.

Connect The Dots

To help the group train lateral thinking and to inspire them to think outside the box. I this particular case, almost literally.

Cast Away

To inspire creativity and see how colleagues think in terms of problem solving, working together as a team in a dire situation.


To build up the energy in the room, have a lot of laughs, battle it out among the others in the group to become the first (but not last!) superhero!

Count Me In

To quickly divide people in the group into smaller teams. No fuss. No hassle. The simplest way to get your teams ready for action!

Complete the Sheet

To see how people behave in an environment where they have to achieve a goal depending on others, at the same time fulfilling the goals of others.

Classroom Chaos

To get people engaged in creating the best possible learning environment. Have them to commit to being awake, attentive, sharing and contributing throughout the session.

Bridge Trouble

To create teamwork and increase focus. To inspire the teams to listen to each other, evaluate all inputs and give everyone room to contribute to the solution.

Brain vs Foot

To prove we’re not always as in control as we think. This is also a great way to show, that multitasking isn’t always as easy as we think.

Brain Gymnasticks

To observe how the teams work together, who in the team gives input, takes control, who strongly advocates their opinion, who holds back etc.

Box Stacking

To increase focus and work as a team. To inspire creativity and have everyone engage in reaching the correct solution as fast as possible.

Category 5 Good Morning

To get people out of their chairs, moving around and wishing others around them a good morning in the style that we’d all like to be greeted when entering the office in the morning.

Beach Party

To get your group to reveal info about themselves in a fun interactive way. To create energy and “force” people to answer random questions that you’ve pre-selected, either personal or professional.

Bookworm Battle

To observe how people think and work together to reach the solution, when given a puzzle that appears straight forward, but really isn’t.

Atoms & Molecules

A quick fun way to split a large group into smaller random teams. You have full control of the team size that the group will end up in, making this a pretty handy universal way of creating teams.

Body Language

To inspire people to pay attention and take note of not only what people say, but to their body language as well.


To get people to think outside box in order to solve a problem which appears to be impossible. By pushing the difficulty, you force your group to be creative and inventive.


To show how every action has a reaction, and that without communication it can be hard (but not impossible) to reach a solution when you don’t know what your colleagues have planned.

All The Little Details…

To show how we overlook a lot of details even when they change right in front of us – Then take this new discovery and use it in comparison with the department/organization/team.

Wand of Change

To get a dialogue about change in tasks, assignments, the organization, department, attitude among colleagues and/or more.

A Numbers Game

Get the energy up in the room, with this amazing quiz tool. Simply insert the questions regarding your topics and GO!


Split your group into teams of 6-10 people. Hand them a ball and ask them to pass the ball around as quickly as possible twice, with at least two people touching the ball before any individual touches the ball again.

Finish what I Started

This energizer is to get people talking with each other. It can either concern personal things or business-related things. It all depends on which angle you want to take on this.

3, 2, 1…

This energizers is used to bring energy into the team using physical and verbal power. It's a quick, fun and entertaining little exercise which makes the room come alive!

Draw it Out

See how well participants can communicate simple illustrations to each other. How well are they able to describe something they see, and how well will the other person be able to replicate it.


This is a fun little energizer which demonstrates how many of us work really hard to be as efficient as possible, but in that sometimes miss little details which would have made the entire process a lot faster.