Hut. Hut.  

This is an energizer, teambuilding and game exercise which focuses on protecting your own balloons, while attempting to get a hold of the opponent’s balloons. A wonderful energizer for the competitive group!


To work on strategizing, building up the energy and have the group plan on how to be successful with an assignment/goal.

  • Group Size: 11+
  • Time: 6-20 mins
  • Props: Yes
  • Type: T/C
  • Class: Physical
  • Video: No
  • Balloons
    At least 2 per person, more might be required depending on the number of rounds you play

No video is available for this energizer.


Setting it up:

Hut. Hut. Hike! is a pretty simple game/competition where you divide people into 2 teams (more if you scale it up, but each with their own unique “battlefield”). 

Each contestant on each team inflates a balloon. 

Now give the teams the rundown of the exercise:


  • 2 teams are competing against each other.
  • The goal of the competition is to steal as many balloons from the opposing team while protecting your own.
  • The team with the most balloons after 2-4 minutes (your call) win.
  • Each team will, before the game starts, get 2 minutes to plan their strategy for winning.


This exercise has a tendency to inspire people to get into the fray. We suggest giving people a small warning not to go overboard in their attempt to win, just to keep everyone free from injuries.

Once the game has been completed, make the count and declare a winner of the 1st quarter/period/half. Have the teams inflate new balloons (they have a tendency to burst during the game, so they’ll probably have to restock) and give them a new round of tactics. Set the timer and start the game once more.

Have them count again and declare a final winner.


This game is very good with any competitive group, and especially with sales groups where you can talk about engaging in the market, stealing market shares while protecting your own. 

Talk about how the strategy changed from the first round to the second, how they took different approaches and why. How do we change when we discover the market mechanics? Are we able to adjust? Set the right team according to the new market rules etc.?

It’s possible to go into a dialogue concerning the bursting balloons. Was it more important or equally valuable to keep your opponent from having the balloons than for your team to get them? How’s the attitude in the department or organization? Which balloons are we bursting on an everyday basis in an attempt to be successful ourselves?

Facilitation notes:

This energizer requires a bit of space so be aware of this. Also, if the room is full of chairs, tables and other things, you might want to consider making some areas or strategies off limits to ensure no one get injured. 

Safety first!

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