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The Site

What makes your site special?

With “pro” we mean that all energizers has inspiration, ideas and suggestions as to how to use them in a professional setting.

Whether that be in a conference room or class room, you’ll find facilitation guides that help you frame the energizers to suit your group and purpose.

The quality of the content and guides for usability is the best you can find.

You’re absolutely right! There are many energizers for free out there on the web. 

Normally, you’d have to spend a LOT of time searching for the exact energizer you need, for your group size, the time you have available, the type you want, creating the materials you need and so on.

We deliver a search engine to eliminate wasted time AND the handouts in an easy-to-download section for all energizers which requires that. We believe that along with the facilitation/inspiration to get the most out of every energizer makes our site worth a few bucks.

Besides the sheer number of energizers, the quality of them along with the facilitation guides makes each energizer valuable. 

We provide explanations, tips, tricks and clues as to how to best use each energizer, along with guidelines for which content and/or topic is best suitable.

We’ve also created a search engine which will make your life a LOT easier and save you valuable time!

The search engine allows you to choose your group size, the time you want to spend and much more, to easily pinpoint the exact energizers that fit your needs.

Read more specifics on the search engine in the section below.

Every other week, we provide you with another quality energizer including facilitation and whatever handouts might be required. This way, you’ll continuously have new material to use with your team. Enjoy! 

The Search Engine

How does it work?

This is actually the only part of the search engine where you don’t filter your selection, but add to it. For every category you pick, you’ll expand your search to include one of the six categories. If you click competition and reflection, you’ll get results for both categories.

Also note that the categories are abbreviated on the individual energizers pages using the following:

Competition (C)
Energizers (E)
Icebreaker (I)
Reflection (R)
Teambuilding (T)
Team up (TU)

Time is an indicator of how much time you want to spend the energizer. It’s set in minutes, so simply set the minutes you wish you spend to filter through the energizers that suits your time frame.

Whether you know the exact group size or just want to estimate it, you simply click the box(es) which are relevant to you. The filter will make sure, that you only get results that are relevant to your group size.

We’ve chosen to differentiate our energizers between “Mental” and “Physical”. This because there’s a big difference in how that works. It’s all about energy management during your session, and having people do something physical or mental can have a big impact. With that said, a mental energizers can start of as physical but with an element of reflection afterwards. This is why we’ve chosen to give some energizers the “Mental” label, some the “Physical” label, and some both.

This particular filter has been hard for us to work out. Props is something you need to actually carry out the energizer. However, some props seems more natural to come by than others. A lot of the props needed you can download right here on the page, and some energizers actually require you to acquire materials to make them work. 

We’ve decided, that either you need props or you don’t. So if you check the “No props needed” box, that means absolutely nothing is needed. If you check the “Props ok” box, you’ll get results where you can download the props, where you only need pen and paper etc. 

As said, this one has been a little difficult to work out since some of our customers find themselves in the woods and in need of an energizer, in which case they really don’t want ANY props. Others are in a conference room and can’t just get balls, balloons etc, but have pen and paper ready.

To sum up: Props: “Yes” means that props are okay, even if it’s just pen and paper. Props: “No” means absolutely no props are needed, you can go right ahead with no preparation.

We’ve included facilitation as a filter, since we often experience, that it can be very helpful, to search through energizers which relate to a specific topic at hand.

If you’re with a sales team, searching through specific energizers with sales angles makes a lot of sense. The same goes for the other facilitation topics we’ve included.


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