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Energizers.com is the best site on the internet for everything involving energizers, icebreakers, fun ways to split your team into smaller groups, and is an all-round toolbox for team leaders, teachers, managers, speakers and everyone who wishes to engage, entertain and motivate a crowd.

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4 key elements that makes us stand out!

The fastest, easiest way for you to battle boring meetings!

Unique Search Engine

Filter through our energizers with the search engine, saving you hours of internet browsing only to discover, that the energizer you found just doesn't fit your group. Here it's quick, easy and always relevant!

Handouts for Download

Don't worry about having to create your own handouts. We've already created the handouts for you, and you can simply click the download button, hit print, and you're ready to distribute to your team.

Pro Energizers

Our energizers provide you with a facilitation guide, to help you with ways to incorporate the energizer into the specific topic you're working on. Strategy, communication and values are just a few examples.

Monthly Updates

We update our site every month, providing you with new energizers for your toolbox. With this, we make sure you never run out of fun, powerful and relevant ways, to engage, motivate and win the crowd.

Energizers - Helping battle borings meetings

A few facts about us and energizers.com


Including handouts, video, facilitation guides and more


Among others; UK, US, Brazil, Spain, Germany and The Nordics

Years of Experience

With motivational speaking, teambuilding and as instructors.

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More than 72.000 participant engaged


Get your hands on the most powerful energizers collection available on the internet today!

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    $72/per year


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    $4/per month


About Us

After years of experience with thousands of participants at conferences, meetings, sales training, kick-offs and much more, we’ve decided to share some of our experiences and tools on the internet, to help battle boring meetings and help presenters, speakers, trainers, teachers, managers and more, to deliver more powerful and engaging sessions and meetings.

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